Sexta-feira, 25 de Novembro de 2011
Tablets to inspire the world´s poorest children to teach themselves to read

Is this great or what!?

Besides being a fan of the project "One lap top per child", I´m an absolut fan of Sugata Mitras' work concerningthe project "Hole in the wall".

In 1999 Sugata Mitra, in one of the poorest neighborhoods of India, installed an internet-connected computer and keyboard into a hole in a wall. Very quicly, in a matter of minuts, kids who did not know how to read or write were gathered around the computer using it, and finding ways to get online browsing. Negroponte said this showed the possibilities for self-taught literacy.

A mix of bot these great ideas is something that comes with great surprise and expectation. Negro Ponte the mentor behind "on lapt top per child" has anounced that it has been developed a tablet to to inspire the world’s poorest children to teach themselves to read using tablet computers. Similar to the first computers distributed, the tablets  are solar powered battery, water resistant, very durable!! The ability for children to teach themselves, and others, had been one of the most surprising aspects of the OLPC project to date

How amazing is this!? I'm amazed and thrilled for this to be happening!

 Video - Sugata Mitra 

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