Quinta-feira, 8 de Setembro de 2011
Visual Complexity

Sharing the video of Manuel Lima talking about his project Visual Complexity. Sharing some highlighted aspects of his presentation (hilights which I'm sure will be changing along with my study on the subject).

+ The challenge behind Visual Complexity is making sense of data in any field we can think of.

+ Interactivity becomes very importante in data visualization (dataviz), because it allows you to cut information in portions visible at a single time, protecting the user from the overwhelming feeling of information overload.

+ Artists are going deep into programing, creating applications that engage the audiences, making the system more understandable and more interesting visually.

+ Aesthetics is an outcome of a dataviz project, being its goal to make a certain system more undersandable, which is different from digital art.

 (link to the video)


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